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Printing a Penguin, Part 1

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Our Bruce Museum  Black-footed Penguin sure gets around town. Originally from South Africa, he now resides in our natural history collection: you may remember him from a recent trip through the collections freezer. He has been on another adventure, this time serving as the model for a technological demonstration. In this photo, our penguin is sitting on a chair being laser scanned (actually, he is a tad short so had to stand on a milk crate). The screen to the right shows the read-out.

This 3D scan will allow us to make a replicate of the penguin at live size. The Bruce Museum is partnering with the local MakerBot store for a special Penguin Appreciation Day event where we will have a penguin evolution lecture and then print a penguin live. If you are in the Greenwich CT area on January 11th, please join us at 6:30pm.



Written by Dan Ksepka

December 14, 2014 at 6:28 am

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