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How big was Carbonemys?

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Carbonemys was a big turtle.  Here are two images that give a good impression of the size of the bones.  Below, a line up of skulls shows how much larger the skull found near the Carbonemys shell is compare to the biggest side-necked turtles around today.  This image has appeared with an NFL football for scale too, but the soccer ball (or REAL football depending on where you are from) seems a more appropriate scale object for a South American fossil.

Fossil skull referred to Carbonemys, with a skull of the largest living side-necked turtle species and a soccer ball for scale. Image courtesy of Edwin Cadena.

The picture below is really cool, because it was not combined in Photoshop.  Edwin was actually laying on a table next to the fossil, so the scale is exact.  The only modification was whiting out the background!

Shell of Carbonemys with discoverer Edwin Cadena for scale. Photo courtesy of Edwin Cadena.





Written by Dan Ksepka

May 21, 2012 at 12:03 pm

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